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Welcome to AndreaVB Programming site, this site covers many aspects of Visual Basic and VB.NET programming. Developers will find examples, downloads and discussions on the most common programming topics as well as advanced tips and techniques, API programming and other languages. Enjoy your stay!
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VB and VB.NET 27-04-2017 Delete Messages from PST File Permanently & Enhanced EML to MSG Conversion inside .NET Apps by sherazam
VB and VB.NET 25-04-2017 Formula Value Calculations, Enhanced Recalculation for MPP & XML File Formats using .NET by sherazam
VB and VB.NET 24-04-2017 Convert Presentation to HTML with Embedded Audio/Video Data & External Fonts Loading using Java by sherazam
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VB and VB.NET 19-04-2017 Re: digital weighing scale monitoring need help by lorent031
[quote]maxhunter wrote: I have a digital weighing scale I need to connect to the PC using RS232 communication port. Every time I weigh an object, automatically the... (more)
VB and VB.NET 22-02-2017 Re: Task Manager process info by admin
Good to see you again! hope you're fine :grin: :OK:
VB and VB.NET 09-01-2017 Re: Visual basic PLS HELP ME by admin
Hi George, what votes are the judjes supposed to enter? a number from 0 to 10? a yes or no? you should count the number of votes (or the number of yes and no)... (more)
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Implementations of Random Number Generators in Online Casino Software 14-11-2013 Implementations of Random Number Generators in Online Casino Software
Learn about the many ways to generate random numbers for casino software development
VB and VB.NET 10-07-2012 8 Step VB Scheduler with a Download Sample by Light
After reading this easy-to-follow tutorial, you can create a simple event calendar in visual basic from scratch. Ready vb scheduler sample is available for... (more)
VB and VB.NET 28-06-2012 DHTMLX Scheduler .NET in Visual Basic by Light
DHMTLX Scheduler .NET web control samples are now available in VB. The c# samples of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET have been successfully converted into Visual Basic.... (more)
VB and VB.NET 07-04-2012 Cette ils mm année ni l?adaptateur audio by Breeseemsok
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VB and VB.NET 11-05-2010 New Download: paint(negar) by hadi
New download available: paint(negar) Description: graphics
VB and VB.NET 14-04-2010 New Download: reflex picture by hadi
New download available: reflex picture Description: graphics
VB and VB.NET 14-04-2010 New Download: negar by hadi
New download available: negar Description: graphics
:: Visual Basic Source Code

API calls list API Calls List

A complete list of all the API calls used in this site. A complete list of 177 API calls with explanation examples from the most used DLL: advapi32.dll, user32.dll, winspool.drv and many others!

Beginner's corner Beginner's Corner
Beginners programming tips such as Strings and Records manipulation...

Miscellaneous tips Miscellaneous Tips
Miscellaneous VB tips...

API tips Miscellaneous API Tips
Miscellaneous advanced API tips, a lot of tips using API calls

files, folders and disks Files and Disks Tips
Manage Files, Paths, Disks... Find the temporary Windows Dir, Check if a file exists, Get the short name of a file...

COM and LPT ports COM and LPT Ports Tips
Get informations about COM and LPT Ports and change the default communication settings...

forms Form's API Tips
How to take control of your forms... bring them to front, remove the Max Min buttons, remove the common windows menu...

Windows NT, 2000, XP Windows NT/2000/XP
Windows NT/2000/XP Tips, manage logins, tasks, services, remote Workstations...

printers Printing using Visual Basic
Simple routines that show the basics of printing using VB and API calls to perform advanced Printing operations.

registry and INI files Registry and INI Files
Manage the Registry Keys and the Entry Values, read and Write to INI Files.

graphical Video, Bitmaps and Colors Tips
How to change Windows Default Colors as Control Panel does, Capture the Screen and get current Video Resolution Settings...

network Winsock, NetAPI and Internet Tips
Using Winsock DLL to create a TCP/IP connection, various NetAPI calls and Internet Related Tips.

VBA VB and VBA for Word and Access
How to interface Visual Basic with Word and paste text into a Document directly from VB, Print reports and launch forms of Access from VB. Also some VBA functions.

database Database Management
DAO, ADODB and other techniques to manage database. MS Flex Grid Tips.

script VB Script and ASP
This sections contains HTML VB Script and ASP code samples

download VB Controls Download
Controls to download:
Create NT Service programs, Scroller control,
3D-Label, Resizer control, Tray-Area Icon control.

games VB Games Download
Visual Basic Games ready to download. Enjoy with these full Visual Basic games projects!

projects VB Projects Download
Visual Basic full projects source code ready to download!

freeware VB Freeware Download
Freeware software created using Visual Basic! Download full setup!

forum AndreaVB forum
Visit my message board, here you will find the solution for each of your VB problems! Post a question and wait for the answer from one of the members

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AndreaVB Links AndreaVB Links
Other links related to VB and VB.NET
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VB and VB.NET ASP.NET Application Development Company 2949 visits
The leading ASP.NET Application Development Company has an expertise in .NET App Development and ASP.NET Consulting. Our expert ASP.NET Application Developers providing high end .NET solutions to customers based on Microsoft .NET Framework.
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Send Message SMS Online easily available at company website address which is used for sending news, job alerts and greetings in single instant of time without using internet connectivity with high speed of delivery.
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